The area of Serre takes part of Calabria Apennines between Sila and Aspromonte. The northern limit shall be represented by Maida-Stalettì and the southern by Limina. It constitutes an articulated mountain groups of highly landscape issue. The central part has different flat test areas. The typical basins af high valley of Ancinale (where there are Serra San Bruno, Spadola, Brognaturo, Simabrio) Mongiana and Lacina are conducive to ancient lake basins. The area of Serre includes the mid from 400m to 1423m (Mount Pecoraro). According to somebody, the name of Serre should be given to the particular alignment of mounts and hills that seems the teeth of saw, for other would arise by the presence of numerous sawmills.

In the east there is the valley of Stilaro torrent around which the Bosco di Stilo (Stilo Forest) extends. The eastern watercourses transform into wild torrents that originate narrow gorges which open a series of many cascades like those of Marmarico. At the extraordinary spectacle of waters and forests goes with majestic habitat of Mounts Mammicomito and Consolino from which the mineral, that powered the foundry and arms factory of Ferdinandea and Mongiana, has extracted.

In the north there is the Ancinale valley that is the principal watercourse of Serre. In the southwest there is the mountain group of Crocco and Mount Seduto that enclosing the valleys of Metramo, Fermano and Marepotamo rivers.

The mountain geography of territory preserved natural environment keeping a good state of preservation. It had a slow transformation process both of naturalistic-environmental system than social-economic one; so the eco-systemic environment that you see today is similar to those of the past. Generally, it can be said that the territory offers different environmental situations.

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