The importance that the SIC “Lacina” has in regional and national level due to the fact that it is one of the few wet mountain southern area, the high concentration of uncommon wreck species and the high wealth of habitat that it contains. The Plain of Lacina whose site code IT9340120, has an area of 326 hectares and compared to the total area of the  Park it occupies 1.75%. it includes the habitat 9220 Apennine Beech forest with Abies alba 9210, Apennine Beech forests with Taxus and Ilex. Lacina is part of Calabria Serre’s mountain district and it is located to an altitude between 970-1028m. . From the hydrologic point of view it comes from the basin of Alaco torrent. What makes it important to Community level is the presence of uncommon hygrophilous plant community, rich of wreck species, uncommon and endemic range. Inside, there is the only Calabria population of Menyanthes which is in the southern limit of its range.

Regarding flora, there are more than 300 species of which about 26% is represented by uncommon species. Many species are of phytogeographical interest. The main habitats are represented by beech, alnete shrubs xeriphilus. Externally, it is possible to find also Pine forests and uncultivated areas. Here, there are uncommon species such as Carex  rostrata, Carex sp. Pl. . the project of landscape and environmental recovery regard a series of transplantations, the preservation  of ex situ germplasm and plants in garden and botanical garden with the main plant essences.


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