Bosco Silo-Archiforo( Stilo-Archiforo-Forest)

Bosco Stilo-Archiforo has a site code IT9350121, it is situated in the municipality of Serra San Bruno, it has an area of 4704 hectares and compared to the area of Park it occupies 26,50%. It is characterized by the habitat 7110 active raised bogs, where the most important species are: Lereschia, thomasii Rhinolophus hipposideros, Canis lupus Amphibians Birds, Epomis. It represents one of the most important examples of the original wooded landscape of Serre. It is an uncommon example of a training practically pure natural dissemination of ancient origin, declining along the western slope of Monte Pietra del Caricatore. The forest is dominated by “Silver fir”. Another particular characteristic is the presence of “wild cat” and herds of “wild boars”.


Amministrazione Trasparente
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