Bosco Santa Maria (Saint Mary Forest)

Bosco Santa Maria with site code 9040118 extends to southwest of the municipality of Serra San Bruno, it has an area of 806 hectares and compared to the Park, it occupies 4,03%. It is characterized by the habitat 9220 Apennine Beech forests with abies alba where the most important specie is Canis Lupus. It takes its name from the church of Santa Maria del Bosco (Saint Mary of Forest), that is at the center of giant fir where San Bruno, the founder of Carthusian order, did penance and was buried.

In the ‘50s, the forest has been subjected to an effective work of improvement and recovery followed by a careful technical and administrative management, making it now one of the best preserved forest of Calabrian  Serre.

Amministrazione Trasparente
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