The quality of natural component is an important and fundamental element to the estimation  of the overall quality of the territory. Ecological and biological diversity’s degree becomes an useful indicator of the structural integrity of territorial systems, providing the basis for an analysis that draws a balance of the level of environmental pressures by various human activities.

Biodiversity is the result of the living being’s complex that takes part to the ecosystem of a given geographic unit (site, region or area). The base unit to evaluate living being is biological specie founded on genetic base.

The elemental meaning of biodiversity is the sum of species that form biological component of ecosystem. Actually, at this point, the problem becomes complicated because in the ecosystem there are many different groups of species: green plants, animals, microorganisms like mushrooms and bacteria: it is a very various world and also in a few cases it is possible to have a generalized knowledge. The base unit to study biodiversity is the specie.



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