Quality Label

What is and what the quality label is for?

The framework law about protected areas 394/91 establishes that the Authority Park can grant its emblem to services and local products that fulfill quality requirements and the aims of institution’s own. Consequently, Regional Park of Serre has set up and provided its “Quality Label” in order to:

-        Converge towards a common direction all producers and local service providers through quality shared and controlled criteria;

-        Improve standards of environmental sustainability and the enhancement of the resources of the countryside;

-        Make manufactures more visible;

-        Give guarantees to consumers and service users fostering the access to products of registered designation of origin and low environmental impact.


Who can obtain quality label?

All producers or local businesses, after verification of requirements that belong to three different categories: agro-food sector, handcrafted sector and tourism sector,  can obtain the quality label.

Obtaining quality label, businesses of craftsman have to comply with specific standards of territorial typicalness and aspects of internal management as well as satisfy procedures of environmental sustainability and compatible exploitation of the resources of countryside.

Thus, acceding businesses contribute to constitute an unique front of enhancement of area based on the identity of territory and on the safeguard of environment, giving an added value to the citizens and visitors of Serre.


What advantages does the quality label offer?

Agro-food products like those dairy, marmalades and honey, local craftsmanship products made of wood, copper and bronze until the tourism services guarantee high level of checks at origin and quality of products and service through the application of specific procedures and rules.

Thus, consumer has substantial guarantees of genuine and typicalness.

Moreover, there will be a direct involvement to environmental protection of the area, in fact, the consumer buying products or using services with “Quality Label” Serre, is sure to respect and safeguard the environment and local landscape heritage, preserving the nature of the area.

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