Typical Products


The wine and food heritage is to be considered like integral part of land culture of the Park and it is, thanks to its wealth and its particularities, an ulterior motive of attraction.

The purity of nature combines with culinary tradition reinforces the uniqueness of flavors. According to careful studies carried out by AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture of Calabria), the typical products to which should be given a recovery and enhancement actions are 43. The protagonists of this sector are above all the quality wines of Bivongi, the eggplant of Stilo, the brawn P.D.O. of Simbario, the mushrooms and chili pepper of Serra San Bruno, the chestnuts of Fabrizia, Mongiana and Nardodipace, the dried figs of Acquaro.

Local delicacies take on also form of bakery products: “Nzudhi and Pitta china” of Serra San Bruno, nougat and Tootsie Roll of Alto Mesima, pig products, black pepper, mountain herbs, honey, olive oil, products in oil.

Existing food of Greek origin like sauce with goat meat, the production  of homeland pasta of durum wheat and the tasting of boar, kid, mockingbird, hare meat are consistent.

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