Local Traditions


Knowing a community, understanding the reference values means examining the roots and tasting the traditions.

These fundamental elements translate into beliefs, anniversaries which focus on summer like processions, patron saint’s festivals, religious plays, street markets, exhibitions and country festivals.

Colors, tastes, sounds, worship and tales of legendary events mix in a context in which the limits between sacred and profane are not always defined.

The country festivals (of tripe at Gerocarne, of “fileja” (typical type of homemade pasta), sausage and ancient tastes at Pizzo, of “filatiedi” (typical homemade pasta) and potatoes at Polia, of “vijuazzu” (ear of corn) at Acquaro, of boar at Nardodipaec, chestnuts at Pizzoni and Davoli, chickpeas and mushrooms at Serra San Bruno) and folkloristic events (Palio di Ribusa at Stilo and Ballo del Ciuccio

(dance of moron) during the festival of Saint Rocco at Serra San Bruno) constitute important moments in which the community finds again the sense to stay together and share it with the emigrants who come back in homeland  and tourists.


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