The history’s charm of an enchanting land works also through and handcrafted production which is in complete accord with the requests of visitors who are restless to know as well as pure presents of nature, the enchanting secrets of workforce threatened by reset of memory imposed by globalization.

Starting from artistic embroideries and manufacturing of wool and silk (Acquaro, Fabrizia, Monterosso Calabro, Bivongi, Stilo) arriving to those of wood, marble, granite (Davoli and Serra San Bruno), the ancient style adopted and the beauty of works seem to create an emotional engagement in who admires the work of artist.

Similar considerations can concern the production of pipes (Brognaturo) and those of wicker and reeds (municipalities of Alto Mesima) and those of terracotta pots to conserve and cook food (Sorianello and Gerocarne). Chair-mender (Stilo), leather curing and coopers (Bivongi) complete a framework that satisfies the excellent gustoes and the particular expectations of finesse lovers of manual labor enhanced during the summer exhibitions that remember the splendor of the past.

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