The Parco Naturale Regionale delle Serre (Natural Regional Park of Serre) is established by the Calabrian  regional Law n°48, May 5, 1990. It is large 17.687 hectares and includes the wet area of Lago Angitola (Angitola lake) that is situated out of its territorial continuity whose extension is of  875 hectares. The Region of Calabria, with the approval of the regional law n°10, July 14,2003 “RULES IN THE FIELD OF PROTECTEDE AREAS” realized the Natural system of protected areas by preservation and promotion of natural heritage, formed by physical, biological and geo-morphological formations with anthropic elements compose a constitutionally guaranteed primary good. Sustainable management of natural and environmental resources and the preservation of flora and wild fauna are followed by Calabria’s region trough the instruments of programamtion and planning and also the establishment of protected area.

The goal of Protected area is to promote in the territory the management’s application and naturalistic-environmental enhancement’s methods tend to realize the integration between man and natural environment.

In accordance with the regional law n°10, July 14, 2003, the area of the Park of Serre includes naturalistic, cultural, historical and anthropological values that contribute to define the place name of Serre. The territory of the park includes little pure spruces mixed to silver fir, the forests of Corsican pine, beech trees, chestnut trees, poplars, oaks and also the oasis of Angitola lake.



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