The place name dates back to the year 1275 and the place has linked to a Greek  medieval formation, deriving from a name of person “Gherakàrones”, in other words the members of the Ieracari family. In Greek Hierakarés means falconer. In 1659 an earthquake of intensity of IX grade caused the death of 71 people. In 1783, in Geroarne 803 inhabitants lived while in Ciano 463. Both places were destroyed by tellurgiche shoks of 7 February 1783 and 28 inhabitants of Gerocarne and 35 ones of Ciano died. In 1799 Gerocarne was one of the municipalities that composed the Canton of Tropea.



POPULATION  2 300[1] (30-04-2012)

DENSITY 50,85 ab./km²--

AREA  45,23 km²

ELEVATION 241 m s.l.m.

PROVINCE Vibo Valentia

DEMONYM Gerocarnesi





Ristorante Ranch Del Falco

Contrada Sant' Antonio, 89831 gerocarne (VV)

tel. 0963 355917





Amministrazione Trasparente
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