Regarding the geomorphological aspect, the landscape of Serre is characterized by natural forms that amount to recognizable landscape ranges. Marine ledges surround Serre in different areas and in different heights with the appearance of  plateaus more or less wide. Particularly evident are: Laureana di Borrello, Arena and Dasà.

Among mountains, wide and shallow depressions open up that hosted in the quaternary real lakes: it is about plain of Lacina (near Brognaturo) and plains of Serra San Bruno, Chiaravalle, Mongiana and Fabrizia. On these depressions the principal human communities of Serre take up residence thanks to the facility of crossing and water resources. Ionic slopes are characterized by “cuts” of torrents: it is about wide pebbly bed that are dry for the most of year (except in Autumn).

Moreover the landscape of Serre is characterized by slopes and reliefs covered by ample extensions of forests that form amongst the most important forestry complex of region. The present forestry formation are: Maquis shrubland situated in the low-lying areas; chestnut plantations situated in the high areas; finally beech trees and spruces that upholster all major reliefs, in a sector that for importance of arboreal ground, the wealth of fauna and the presence of numerous rivers is uncommon beauty.


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